XIII - Red Alert, Page 43

McCall, I implore you to think of the consequences…

We've been thinking about the consequences for the past two years, Galbrain.

Where is he?

He'll be in the control room next door. It's got an independent video link with this room.

I hope you can count up to 180: That's how many seconds you've got to live. give my regards to Saint Peter, Mr President!

No, McCall! Don't do it!…

Security One to Colonel McCall… Security One to Colonel McCall…

There is no response from the guard post on Level G. What's going on? Should we send a team down?

What the… No, don't send anyone, I'll go!

You're going nowhere, McCall!

Phew… Quick on the draw! You OK, Jones?


Bloody hell! I've got to get out of here fast!

Listen Fly, I've got a proposal for you…

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