XIII - Red Alert, Page 47

Ahem… What do we do about TOTAL RED ALERT, Mr. President?

The accidental deaths of Minister Wax and Colonel McCall don't affect the operations already under way. The exercise is to continue.


RED ALERT attained 82% of the projected aims. According to the military's analysis it was deemed a success.

The testimony of General Bill "Butcher" Standwell, Number III in the conspiracy, led to 52 arrests. In hearings behind closed doors they were convicted and long sentences were handed out. Given the nature of the positions held by most of them, members of Congress, the government, the Army, the Judiciary, and financial and industrial leaders, the affair was classed as a matter of state security and was handled with utmost discretion.

No official link was found between the attempted coup d'etat and the assassination of President William B. Sheridan fourteen months earlier. To this day the "Sheridian Case" remains open, prompting some rather over dramatic theories from sensationalist journalists and novelists.

General Standwell never stood trial. He was found hanged in his cell shortly before the hearings. The official enquiry returned a verdict of suicide.

Minister DONNELLY, General CARRINGTON and Judge LONGMAN, were freed on the President's request and were reinstated to their former positions.

Admiral CARL HEIDEGER was not so fortunate. A blow received during his arrest had damaged his liver and he was dead before the order freeing him was received.

Ben Carrington's major concern, after his liberation, was to try and find his daughter. But despite his best efforts he was unable to find any trace of her.

After the failed coup she must have got wind of the arrest of her co-conspirators and gone into hiding. There was no sign of KIM CARRINGTON.

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