XIII - Red Alert, Page 48

Colonel AMOS took his retirement. This allowed him to concentrate on the only thing still open: identifying and finding the killer known as the MONGOOSE.

BETTY BARNOWSKY received the Medal of Honour and left the army with the rank of Master Sergeant. Her first act as a civilian was to buy a plane ticket for San Miguel.

After leaving hospital, Lieutenant JONES was arrested by the civil authorities for her role in the escape from Plain Rock. She was released after President Galbrain's personal intervention. She went back to her military duties with the rank of Major and was given a years leave at full pay.

The man now known as Jason Fly was also arrested. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction for the murder of Jeremy and Matt Rowland and opened a new enquiry. Fly was released on bail of $100,000 which was paid by Senator Sheridan.

Implicated as a witness in the same affair, FELICITY ROWLAND, widow and sister-in-law of the victims, disappeared hours before the federal investigators arrived to arrest her. Her estates in Southbourg were taken into federal custody until the conclusion of the enquiry.

Severely tried by his recent experiences, President GALBRAIN withdrew his candidature from the November presidential elections. Thus it was without real opposition that Senator Walter "Wally" Sheridan was elected as the 44th president of the most powerful country in the world.

And so events resumed their normal course.

If one can call the hate, war, intolerance, famine, injustice and oppression that rule the majority of the overpopulated planet, "normal".

But for one man at least a page had been turned.

A page covered with treason, fear and anger, which would have broken any other man.

But who was that man? Of all the troubles he had gone through, the worst still remained ever present. The obsession with this question without answer.

The discovery of his past had become this man's driving force.

Without knowing what he might find, he did not doubt that his recent troubles would be nothing compared to those that lay within THE JASON FLY FILE.

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