XIII - Red Alert, Page 6

We could well be in a scene from "African Queen".

What's that?

It's an old Bogart film - that you've probably seen but forgotten like all the rest. In any case I don't look much like Katherine Hepburn.

Don't know her. Don't you think that we have been at bit lucky here, Lieutenant?

What, that we managed to hitch a lift with Emiliano here?

No question about that. But I was thinking more that we haven't seen any sign of any SPADS unit that, logically, McCall would have sent out after us.*

Bloody mosquitoes!… Yes I agree, it odes seem odd.

* See "SPADS".

But we're not out of the woods by any means yet. Mc Call could still be planning one of this trademark set pieces.

Are we going to be getting to habitation anytime soon? I've just about had enough of playing 'Explorer Barbie in the jungle'.

Cuando llegaremos a tu aleda, Emiliano?

Despues de anochecer, sen~or. Si dios quiere.

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