XIII - Red Alert, Page 7

Cheer up, Sergeant. We should be arriving at his village at nightfall. We can rest and eat there and I'm sure you can find you some more appropriate clothes.

Bugger off, Tanner!

Or Fly, or whatever the hell your name is today! before you showed up on the scene I was doing quite well for myself: a roof over my head, good food, nice blokes and no problems. Now I'm being hunted through the jungle, knackered, starving and not wearing any clothes to speak of… And I'm not sure I'm even sure I'm on the right side!

I just feel… Grotesque.

I'm sorry, Betty. But you are the only person in the world who can testify to McCall's involvement in the plot to assassinate President Sheridan.*

* See "SPADS".

You are the only lead that could lead the investigators to the head of the conspiracy. That's why Lieutenant Jones and myself have to get you back to Washington, preferably alive.

Poor girl. I hope she makes it through.

I think she may be in need of some more tangible form of comforting. I believe you've already proved your expertise in that field.

Getting jealous are we, Jones?

Don't be stupid XIII. Let me ask you a more pertinent question that's just started bugging me…

There's no mention of it in Jason Fly's file… So WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH!?


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