XIII - Red Alert, Page 8

D day -4 today, General. If the weather forecast is correct FULL RED ALERT should go ahead on schedule.

Hmmm?… Yes. I don't think I'll be needing you again today, Merril. You might as well go home now.

If you're sure, General. Good night, General.

Sure, sure. Good night…

…nator Sheridan should be able to leave hospital on Monday, at the earliest. Fortunately the bullet that struck him in the chest passed through cleanly, missing the heart by only a few centimeters.

His, would be, assassin has now been identified as Frank Crooks, an 27 year old unemployed man from Baltimore. The Secret Services have launched an investigation to try and discover the motives for this attack.

According to the authorities there is still no trace of the second gunman who shot Crooks, seconds after he was seized by Secret Servicemen. The only information so far released to the press is that a high velocity rifle was used at a range of approximately 400 yards. With some people beginning to talk of a Sheridan family curse…

Bzzz Bzzz

My direct line… Who the hell?…

If only this could be Jones…

Ben? Carl Heideger. This is it, my friend: "They" haven't wasted any time since Henry's death, they're making their play. Pat Donnelly and old Judge Longman have been arrested by CIA spooks.


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