XIII - SPADS, Page 11

Get up Corporal, the Lieutenant want to talk to you.

What's he he want this time?… OK Princess, off we go.

Corporal Tanner! Do I have to remind you for the fifth time to address me by my rank?

Service Sergeant even in the depth of the jungle eh? Bravo Sargent, it's men like you that make the armed forces what they are!

You wanted me Lieutenant?

Yes Corporal. How's Chambers doing?

Not very well I'm afraid. We've covered his gangrenous leg with ^^Sulphamide^^ but his fever's getting worse.

That's what I thought…

Carrying him like this is really hampering our progress, Corporal. We're going to arrive outside our time window at this rate. It would be much better to leave him here and get him dusted off* when we're out.


* Dust off: evacuation by a medical helicopter.

But if we abandon him here he's got no chance of getting out on his own! I'm guessing we're less than 48 hours from the rendezvous and…

48 hours is out of the question Tanner…

With a forced night march we can be at the RV* in a maximum of 20 hours.

Are you a slaver or a soldier?

* RV: Rendezvous

You're telling me that you're prepared to sacrifice the life of one of your own men to win your damn game?

You're in SPADS Tanner, not the National Guard Reserve! Do you know what that means!?

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