XIII - SPADS, Page 12

That means, bone head, that this survival exercise is treated like a REAL operation! Carried out under REAL conditions with REAL risks!

Save it for the raw recruits Quinn, I've heard it all before.

That'll do Corporal. We've lost enough time as it is. Make Chambers as comfortable as you can here, he's staying. That's an order.

Sorry Lieutenant, but with all due respect you can fuck right off!

You've had that coming for ages, you tattooed freak! I just knew that a nutter like you would cause problems.

OK Lieutenant. If chambers stays here he'll have me, and the other three that have been carrying him for the last two days, for company.

And you can rely on me to get us out of this jungle under our own steam in order to report to the brass on how you abandoned FIVE of your men just to get home in time from a REAL routine exercise.

That's it I've had it up to here…

Leave it out Quinn!

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