XIII - SPADS, Page 15

Not much gets past you, does it? It's nothing secret, it's just that the president wants the full scale manoeuvres to take place this Autumn as they'll have a bit more resonance.

Right in the middle of the Presidential campaign?

Galbrain's obviously thinking that a demonstration of military force will help his re-election. As for me, I'm just trying to make it easier for my men. What happened to you, Colonel? Didi you slip in the bath?

Very funny. Can we speak with you alone please General?

Listen Amos, as I've already said: Lieutenant Jones…

I know General, but I must insist.

All right. Jones can you find yourself something to keep yourself occupied in your office. It seems your presence is distracting these gentlemen.

Certainly General. Let me just collect some of these files.

Happy now, Colonel? So go on: have you identified Number XIII yet?

Not bad. So in other words, they've been running rings around you. How did you guess? A special agent's sixth sense?

Merely memory. I've got an associative memory and when I picked up the photo of Tanner from the pedestal table I obviously thought of XIII. Then I had a flash back to someone he described.

Tanner's supposed uncle was wearing a wig, but apart from that he matched the description Number XIII gave of the killer hunting him: The Mongoose. The rest was just reflexes.

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