XIII - SPADS, Page 16

Unfortunately my young assistant was not quick enough…

I guess that's one of the risks of YOUR profession Colonel. But I singularly fail to see how this affects me?

I'm getting there General.

Whilst I was convalessing in hospital I had Tanner's file thoroughly checked by my department. It is a work of fiction from start to finish! Ross Tanner does not exist, and has never existed! That file had no other reason to exist other than to divert me onto a false trail.

I don't have to remind you that it was YOU who gave me this dossier.

Similarly it was YOU who allowed Number XIII to escape from the Southbourg Police!* And it was YOU again who helped him escape from Plain Rock!** Why else would you do all this, General, if not to ensure his silence in the event of him regaining his memory?

Alright, Colonel, you've made your point…

* Where the Indian Walks.

** All the Tears of Hell.

I have absolutely no idea how The Mongoose picked up your scent, but I can understand how your analytical mind came to the conclusion you did.

That dumb old soldier, Ben Carrington, couldn't't help but be opposed to the politics of peace advocated by President William Sheridan…

If Sheridan was removed from the scene, constitutionally it would hand control to the Vice-President, Galbrain, who is a well known militarist…

So Carrington forms a plot to eliminate Sheridan. When this succeeds he finds himself in an ideal position, as Head of the Joint Chiefs, to put our great nation's commie enemies to fire and sword.

That's what you were thinking, wasn't it Colonel Amos?

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