XIII - SPADS, Page 17

Now take a good look at me, four eyes, and tell me if you can see a roman numeral tattooed anywhere. WELL, CAN YOU SEE ONE OR NOT!?

N… no. But… but I haven't actually accused you of…

ENOUGH! William Sheridan was a friend of mine Colonel. I'm not saying we saw eye to eye on everything, far from it, but he was a FRIEND, if you know what that means.

As to why I helped out that poor amnesiac… Oh what the hell! You couln't possibly understand.

Now then, if you aren't going to arrest me now, would you mind leaving, gentlemen. Your ten minutes are up.

There's still the matter of the faked dossier to clear up, General. Who did you talk to about that list of names that we asked for?

No one. That's the part that is really bothering me. Jones was personally responsible for collating that information.

Your Aide de Camp?

Is it possible that Lieutenant Jones?…

That's out of the question. She was one of my pupils at staff college and…

And what? This is a matter of state security, not some comic book story.

Well you're certainly determined to ruin my day aren't you Amos. Jones, could you join us please… Jones?…


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