XIII - SPADS, Page 22

I'm sorry to hear about Chambers this morning, Corporal. I guess he was one of your friends?


He was someone who deserved a chance to live, like the rest of us. That's all. I gave him his chance, it's too bad he didn't use it.

Don Quixotism and Fatalism… Don't you find that's an odd mix?

Anyway, Quinn's not going to forget that you made him lose face like that. He's sworn to break you, and if Mac Call continues to look the other way he'll do it.

Don't get yourself involved in that, Sergeant.

It's a private game between me and Quinn. There's no need for anyone else to get involved.

I've been wondering how someone like you ended up here. But everyone's been asking that and you don't seem to have anything to say about it.

What's been bothering me is that you look alot like someone I knew during the war. Apart from the moustache you're his double.

I guess you mean Captain Rowland?

Well.. er… yes. Did you know him?

No, but there's been a lot of talk about it. He died during an evacuation, didn't he?

Apparently, yes. At any rate that's the official version. If he has died it certainly wasn't in that helicopter crash…


Hey, Tanner…

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