XIII - SPADS, Page 23

Mac Call wants to see you in his office, five minutes ago.

OK, I'm already there.

What did you just say!? Rowland didn't die during the war!?

Well, well… Now you find me interesting?

Didn't you hear, the Colonel's waiting. If you want to know the rest of my little story you'd better come and see me after lights out. It'll be easier to chat then…

Haven't you forgotten I'm on a charge Sergeant.

You don't mean to tell me that's the kind of thing that would stop a man like you, Corporal. B block, room 8. See you this evening.

You're being transferred out of here, Tanner. Orders from GHQ. They've even sent a helicopter for you, you're leaving tomorrow morning. As of now you are released from your charge and you're relieved of your extra duties.

That'll certainly break Sergeant Quinn's heart. Am I allowed to know where I'm going and why, Colonel?

It doesn't say here. When General Carrington seconded you to SPADS I obeyed without question. I'm doing the eaxct same thing with your recall orders.

I don't know, or care, why you were sent here. However, I am sure of one thing, Tanner: even though you seem to have been extremely highly trained you have NEVER been a soldier.

In other words I'm not sorry to see the back of you. Dismissed.

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