XIII - SPADS, Page 24

It's a real tropical paradise this.

You think so? Heat, humidity, mosquitoes, snakes and dysentery: Not my idea of paradise!

What about the blokes?

Even worse. So knackered they're useless at night. Same goes for us as well.

Some of them seem to have enough energy left to spy on this place when we use it. You want to watch yourself in there Lieutenant!

Stop it, you're getting my hopes up! Caio.

Are you free for dinner tonight, Lieutenant?


Sorry Corporal, I'm already booked. Colonel Mac Call has asked me to dine at the Officers Mess.

Let's cut to the chase, Jones. Why have you come to get me out?

Orders from Carrington. You're no longer safe here. I'll explain tomorrow morning.

What's wrong with now?

Because I don't want people to notice us together too much…

How are you doing? I've heard you've had it rough.

Nothing too bad. A bit of a physical and mental hardship is good for the soul. Give it another three months and I recon I could storm the Kremlin single handed.

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