XIII - SPADS, Page 26

Hello Tanner. Have you finished with Quinn?

I'd say so.


Why did you want to meet here Colonel? I can think of more convivial locations.

It's nice and quiet here. I'm also starting to get a bit paranoid about offices lately, even yours, Judge Allenby.

You're getting too paranoid in your old age, Amos. I can assure you that my staff are all very carefully chosen and vetted.

That's exactly what Carrington said about Lieutenant Jones…

Despite all his insistences to the contrary I'm sure that our friend the General is quite heavily involved in this affair. It was him who identified Number XIII as Steve Rowland, was it not?

Yes. But what does that mean?

Probably nothing. Execept for the fact that I've managed to find the illustrious Captain. THE REAL ONE!

WHAT!? But… where?…


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