XIII - SPADS, Page 34

This is Henry Sheridan's house.

THE OLD SHERIDAN?!? The… The father of ?…

The assassinated President and the current candidate, Wally Sheridan, yes.

Come in, Colonel Amos. After all I've heard about you it's nice to finally make your acquaintance.

You'll excuse me if I don't get up, those infernal doctors have confined me to my bed. I suppose that you already know Admiral Heidiger?

I have met the admiral before…

…but I certainly didn't expect to find the head of counter-intelligence services here. Nor did I expect to find myself here, for that matter. Would someone like to explain what is going on here…

It's quite simple really: Now that Allenby is out of the frame we can talk freely with you.

But how could you know that Allenby?…

Because we have been following your inquest from the start. And also because Kim Rowland is one of my best agents. Or was, should I say.

I think I need a stiff drink after that.

I suggest that you move to the table, gentlemen. It looks like we're in for a long night.

Colonel Amos, General Carrington and Admiral Heideger were my son William's most loyal supporters. There are only six people that know what we are going to tell you tonight. The three of us here and Lieutenant Jones. The man you know as Number XIII, who was told by Carrington. And obviously Mrs. Rowland, who was the first of us to know.

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