XIII - SPADS, Page 35

As I was saying, Kim was one of my best young agents and we had high hopes for her. Several years ago, just after completing her training, she was sent to infiltrate a right wing student organisation. A routine mission, normally…

It was there that she met Steve Rowland who was the eldest son of a southern land owning family. He was very bright young man, given to living life to excess. He lived a rich and easy life and was a keen exponent of neo-fascist politics. As sometimes happens in these situations Kim and Steve had fallen in love during their time together.

In order not to compromise her role as an agent Kim voluntarily resigned. Several months later they were married and it seem that Steve had left his past behind him when he joined the army.


Then came the war. A brilliant officer, he quickly found fame leading our elite units trained in guerrilla warfare techniques, created by General Carrington here, known as SPADS.

The death of her husband was a terrible shock for Kim. She found it very hard to adjust to her new life as a war widow.

That is until one day she heard her husband's voice at the other end of the phone. He told her to go to a certain place where his friends would collect her. He also made it clear that if she told anyone that he was still alive she would never be heard of again.

Spellbound, she agreed. Moving from place to place, usually at night, she eventually ended up at a town that she later identified as Eastown.

It was certainly her husband who met her but he had been profoundly changed by the war. And not only by the war…

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