XIII - SPADS, Page 36

Anxious to find out what had brought about this change, Kim's questioning led an excited Rowland to reveal that he had been chosen for a mission that would change the fate of the world. He never revealed what this mission was and who had chosen him, in all probability because he never knew.

But it was sufficiently important for him to sacrifice fifteen of his men in order for him to appear dead.

He was now living in Eastown under the name of Jake Shelton and was clearly being paid well whilst waiting for his orders. He was still very much in love with his wife and could not bear to be separated any longer. However, he warned her that if she revealed any of this she would meet with an ignoble fate.

Although understandably upset by this, Kim soon came to realise that this man was no longer the man she married, he had become a complete stranger. She was horrified by this new Rowland but her training enabled her to play along with this farce. She promised Rowland everything he asked.


Despite the difficulties she was able to contact her former masters without being suspected. I immediately realised that the staged death of Rowland was hiding a far greater truth. With Carrington's agreement, we persuaded Kim to play along with the game in order to discover more.

One moment, Admiral… What has General Carrington got to do with an intelligence operation? I thought he had a strong dislike of us "meddlers"?…

Indeed. There is one detail that you are missing in all this, Colonel…

Mrs. Rowland's maiden name is Carrington. Kim Carrington.

WHAT!? You mean to say that!?…

That Kim is my daughter, Amos. My only daughter.

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