XIII - SPADS, Page 4

Knowing that his quarry was now out of his reach behind bars, Colonel Amos redoubled his efforts to identify the mysterious amnesiac, his only lead in the search for the head of the conspiracy. He learnt that the prisoner held at Plain Rock was not, in fact, the real Rowland after it was discovered that XIII carried discreet scars from plastic surgery designed to make him the double of the missing Rowland. This however, did not explain the fact that XIII's finger prints were discovered on the weapon used to assassinate Sheridan. As far as Amos was concerned XIII was the true assassin.

With the help of General Ben Carrington, ex-Commanding officer of SPADS and now Head of the Joint Chiefs, Amos and Judge Allenby drew up a list of men, matching XIII's physical characteristics who had served in an elite unit.

From a list of 26 names, three were dead and one had disappeared. Whilst each one would be individually verified the most interesting, from the point of view of this investigation, was a certain Ross Tanner.

Once again XIII upset Amos' plans when he escaped from Plain Rock with the able assistance of Lieutenant Jones, Gneral Carrington's dynamic aide.

Carrington's role in the affair was not overlooked by the furious Amos who, lacking evidence, was powerless to act. What was Carrington's motive in this affair? Was he a member of the conspiracy? These were the questions Amos now set himself to answer.

Whilst this secret war was being caried out in the shadows, the public was far more concerned by a, seemingly less murderous, contest being fought in the full glare of the media: The campaign for the next Presidential Election!

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