XIII - SPADS, Page 5

In one corner the incumbent; Joseph K. Galbrain, Sheridan's ex-vice President who was now seeking his own mandate.

A country, the like of ours, does not have the right to let the world continue in its decline. We MUST protect our increasingly threatened economy. We MUST increase our military strength to ensure the security of the globe. I say it is not the hour for insignificant gestures and conservative choices: In order to prevent our nation from being overwhelmed we must act forcefully!

In the opposite corner, the challenger; The young senator Walter "Wally" Sheridan, younger brother of the assassinated President.

Following in the illustrious footsteps of his predecessors, my brother chose to hold out an olive branch to all the peoples of the world: he sued for peace wherever possible, removed barriers to international trade, increased the international aid budget. Together we can continue this open handed policy. If it is true that…

…the future of the world depends on us then it is also true that our future is intertwined with that of the world.

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