XIII - SPADS, Page 6

Young Sheridan's really piling on the rhetoric isn't he. Do you recon he's got a chance?

Doesn't effect us either way.

We serve the office of the President my lad. Whether he's called Galbrain or Sheridan makes absolutely no difference to us.

I'll need you to sign this release before you go.

Don't worry pops. As soon as we find out that he's who he's supposed to be you'll be getting your stiff back.

What rotten weather! I can just see it when I get home: "And what did you do at work today sweetheart?" "Oh, nothing much my darling…"

"…just got soaked to the skin whilst digging up bodies in a cemetery, routine stuff."

Ha! Ha! Talking of routine work, have you heard from the boss?

Yeah. He's in Florida with Nelson, the lucky swines…

Apparently they've found one of Tanner's uncles living down there.

Mr. Tanner?

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