XIII - SPADS, Page 7

That's me. How can I help?

Colonel Amos, Federal Bureau of Investigations. We'd like to talk to you about your nephew, Ross Tanner.

Ross? Well now… it must be a good two or three years since I last saw him, You see he used to come here a lot when he was just a boy. He's not in trouble is he?

Don't worry Mr. Tanner: This is just a routine enquiry.

Oh good… the thing is about a month ago I got a letter from little Ross. I think it was from Costa Rica, or one of those places.

Hmm.. Could we have a look at that letter lease Mr. Tanner?

Of course, I'll just go and get it.

Make yourselves at home gentlemen. I'll make you both a herbal tea… I make them myself from the marsh plants round here…

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