XIII - SPADS, Page 41

It was OUR fault. The whole operation now hung in the balance with Rowland dead. The only thing we could do was to find a safe house for Kim, tell the new president everything and I offered my resignation. That was when Mr. Sheridan here, and General Carrington contacted me.

Henry Sheridan was convinced that the assassination of his son was planned by beneficiaries at the highest levels of business and government. He asked me to carry out a parallel investigation to the official inquiry, which he was convinced was compromised. Carrington also laid out his plan to make the conspirators believe that Rowland had survived his injuries in the hope they would reveal themselves in an attempt to finish him off.

I knew it sounded mad but I felt I had to accept and thanks to my access to the service files I quickly found the ideal candidate: A mercenary known as Jason Fly. He was a man with no surviving family, well trained, intelligent and his physiology was almost identical to Rowland's.

Now all that remained was to convince Fly to accept the part we were offering him, with out hiding the risks from him.

How did you convince him? Money I suppose.

I'm very rich old man, Colonel. And I'm prepared to do anything to unmask my son's assassins, even if that costs me my last dime.

I organised Fly's 'death' in an accident and discreetly had Rowland buried in his place. By now Allenby had personally been put in charge of the case by the new president. But, Colonel Amos, I managed to get you assigned as his assistant in charge of the field work.

By now Fly had gone to Europe for some extremely sophisticated plastic surgery. On his return as Jake Shelton he spent his convalescence in the safe house in which I had installed Kim Rowland: An isolated chalet on the banks of Lake Kellownee. I believe you know the chalet in question, Colonel…

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