XIII - SPADS, Page 42

It was there that Kim patiently told him everything she knew about the man who had been her husband. She taught him to talk and act like Steve Rowland, systematically eradicating all traces of the man known as Jason Fly.

I don't claim to know what happened between them during the weeks they spent together. A good agent has no feelings.

Kim was there when his new face emerged from the bandages. It was a haunting resemblance with one exception, no surgery can change the look in a man's eyes.

During this time Carrington and myself had been busy doing the groundwork for Rowland's reappearance. Given our respective positions it was easy for us to match him to the existing files, and vice verse. This is where the famous finger prints on the assassination weapon come in.

Everything was now in place for the final step: The pseudo Rowland, alias Shelton, had to return to Eastown to recover the pay off for his crime, which was being held in a deposit box at the National Trust Bank. What's more he had to do it in a way that would get him noticed. But he never made it to Eastown…

We later found the men charged with his protection brutally murdered but there was no trace of Fly. Had he played his role too well? Had we been betrayed and by who? Even to this day I still have no idea what happened.

Kim took the unauthorised risk of going back to Eastown in order, in vain as it turned out, to lure the Mongoose's killers out of the shadows. Yet again our best laid plans went awry.

It was only much later that we found out that Fly was still alive. Alive but a total amnesiac. But I believe you know the rest of the story.

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