XIII - SPADS, Page 43

The fuel gauge is reading empty and if we don't start descending now we'll crash in three or four minutes. But I suppose that's what you're after?

You can go straight to the top of the class, doll.

"In a terrible accident UH-60* crashes after running out of fuel with the loss of the three crew." Set the throttle and lock the controls.

You can shove it right…

* Sikorsky UH-60A Blackhawk

The army obviously didn't teach you to obey orders very well, Lieutenant. DO IT!

You'd be surprised where a little politeness gets you… There, it's done.

Thank you very much.


Rotten bastard!

Don't try any heroics, Tanner. It's not in the plan but if you so much as flinch, I'll shoot you! Just give me even the slightest excuse…

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention… Don't bother to look for the other parachutes, I put them in to laundered, Ha! Ha! Ha!

The rescue kit! Normally this will have a…

Ah, that sounds like my cue to get out of here… So long kids, with the compliments of the Colonel…

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