XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 16

A sudden attack of nerves, Captain?

Get the binoculars and follow me!

Something odd?


You're sure that no-one, apart from my father, has been told about my… resurection?

No-one. General Carrington saw to that personally.

I have to ask why all this circumspection? Who, or what, are you afraid of, Rowland?

Oh, leave it out, Jones.

Let's go over this. Firstly: my father, Jeremy Rowland, the rich land owner, who has been completely paralysed since the car accident that killed my mother six years ago.

Second: I'm their ownly child. But as I was in the army Jeremy's younger son, Matt, took over running the estate. But Jeremy is still in charge.

Thirdly: My father remarried a year ago, in other words after my 'death', to his nurse, Felicity.

That makes at least two people who won't be oveerjoyed to the the Rowland heir back miraculously risen from the dead.

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