XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 17

And is that what's worrying you?

No, that's what's amking me cautious. By returning to the family home I'm going to stir up a right hornet's nest.

Why is there so little information on my… my wife in this precious file of yours?

Kim Rowland? It'd because we know so little about her…

You seem to have always been very discreet on that subject. And after the official announcement of your death, she dissapeared without a trace. She didn't even claim the widows pension that she was entitled to.


You loved each other that much?

How do you expect me to know that!?

I'd say you did…

You don't seem that jelous, Lieutenant.

Orders are one thing, Captain… Pleasure is another.

OK, that's quite enough of that. Shall we go?

If it's OK with you, I'd prefer to go on my own. Thanks for the walk, Lieutenant Jones. And for all the rest.

As you wish. If you hit any snags, you can allways get hold of the General, or myself on this number. He wasn't joking, you know.

Sure. While we're here, you've stillnot told me your first name…

Lieutenant, Captain. Lieutenant Jones. Good luck in your new life, Steve Rowland.

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