XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 24

I know what you must be going through, Steve, and I'd really like to help you…

Oh, leave it out, Felicity. I'd just like to be left alone for a while.

There's no need to be like that, I was just trying to be nice.

I'm sure you were. Talking of which, why would a woman like yourself marry a rich and paralysed man?

To be nice?

Son of the local tyrant, braggart, soldier, probable assasin and proven racist, and a phantom wife to cap it all off… I'm getting the impression that the person who's life i'm living is an all round nice guy!

In the mean time, home sweet home or not, I've got to get out of here before Colonel Amos or the Mongoose's men get their hands on me…

But where do I go to, for god's sake? How on earth am I going to find this bloody Indian that no one has heard of!?

Unless… No, that would just be too much…

Why didn't you warn me about this, Fel? You knew this little bastard had crawled out of his hole, didn't you?

And what would it have changed if i had of told you? You wouldn't have been able to feign surprise.

But that son of a bitch coming back ruins all our plans!

Not at all, my love. Not at all…

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