XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 25

Thanks to him, we can act much sooner than we were expecting. We can do it tomorrow if you think you can do it…

A photographer? Old Joe has some cameras in the drugstore, sir. It's on the corner of the second block on the left.

Thanks, son.

God have mercy!… If it aint Steve Rowland!

So what people are saying is true: you really have come back from the dead!

So it seems, Joe.

I'm glad to hear it, my boy, very glad. But we're not going to get all emotional about this, are we now? What is it I can be doing for you?

Have you got a projector that can do optical enlargements? I need to have a look at a photo…

Yes, of course I've got something for that. You can always find what you need at Joe Kutner's. Come through here to my back room.

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