XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 26

That's a fine looking woman there. You wern't wasting your time when you were dead, were you?

It's this bit here that I'm interested in, Joe. Can you enlarge it for me?


An indian!

Judging by the shape of his canoe I'd say that he's a Pawnee.

I know about indian tribes, you know. I've studdied…

Can you enlarge it a bit more for me? Just that area there?

I can try, but you probably won't be able to see that much.

That looks like… Well, I'd say it looks like a house in those trees…

WHERE THE INDIAN'S GOING! THAT'S IT! And to think that I've had the answer to the riddle under my nose the whole time! YES!


Now all I've got to do is to find that lake…

Hey, don't forget your photo, son.


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