XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 29

You OK, Steve?

I'm OK, thanks…

I'll get you next time, Rowland!

That'll do, Clive! Now get out of here before I have a change of heart.

You're going to let them go? You're pretty laid back for a sherif, don't you think?

We're in the country here, Mr. Rowland. We're in the habbit of solving our own problems in our own way.

And anyways, I don't entirely blame them. Golden Rowland boy, or not: I don't like your methods much, Captain. We're not in the jungle here!

And stay out of town for a few days. For your own good, you understand.

OK, Sherif. And thanks for stepping in.

Mister Steve…

There's a man here to see you, Mister Steve. He said that he'd wait for you in the park, near the little lake.


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