XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 30

It didn't take you long to find me, Colonel Amos.

It wasn't that difficult, Rowland. You've become quite infamous at the department of defense.

You must have access to my dossier so you should know that I have actually lost my memory. You won't get anything from me.

That's correct. But you are forgetting one thing, number XIII: amnesia, or no, you are still THE MAN WHO ASSASINATED PRESIDENT SHERIDAN!

I've checked the files and the prints found on the gun match yours. But who would have thought of checking the prints of a man who had officially been dead for over a year? The organisation that give you the number XIII had planned the operation very well, Rowland.

By some method, that I've yet to work out, you managed to pass for dead and smuggle yourself back into the country. You set yourself up with your wife in Eastown, where you were unknown, under the new name of Jake Shelton. There you laid low untill you recieved the order to assasinate Sheridan.

This order finally arrived, leading to the famous "Day of the Black Sun" that shocked the entire nation. It was almost the perfect crime, epecially as the President's assasin was A MAN WHO HAD BEEN DEAD FOR OVER A YEAR! Perfect except for two details…

First detail: The ameteur film, that I showed you,allowing us to identify you as the assasin, holding the weapon in your hands. This paniced your superiors in the conspiracy into hiring a team of killers, lead by The Mongoose, to eliminate you. But they failed, thus leading to the second detail: YOUR AMNESIA!

Having lost your memory you proceeded to act in completely the opposite way to logical expectations. instead of trying to dissapear without trace you actally tried to resume your former identity. And that's how I found you the first time.

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