XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 32

Hi, David. I'm not disturbing you, am I?

Nah, Steve, it's fine. How are you settling in?

Fine thanks. Listen, you haven't got an Atlas, have you? Or even a detailed map of the north west?

Hmmm… What exactly are you lookng for?

A lake somewhere near a village called Mountville. Say within a radius of about 60 miles?

You don't need a map for that, you can ask Big Brother.

Big Brother?

The college computer. We're in the 20th century now, you know? OK, I'll just log in…

Lake… mountville… 60 miles…

There are five, which one do you want?

One that's in Pawnee indian territory.

OK, let's add pawnee indian…

That still leaves three, Steve.


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