XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 33

We'll need a couple more bits of information on this lake.

This photo… It's all I've got.

Not bad. IS this your wife?

Yes, I think so. You know if I can find that lake I might remember something…

Well, it's a long shot but we might be able to use the mountain in the background. I'll scan the relief into big brother…

…Now, let's see if we can match this from the north of the lakes…

No… south… west.. nothing either…

east… JACKPOT!


There you go, cousin! Even an eight year old could have done it!

I must say that I'm impressesd. Well done Einstein, and thanks to Big Brother.

Kellownee lake… That must be over 1000 miles from here. How on earth am I going to get there without having Amos' men shadowing me?

General Carrington, please. It's urgent…

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