XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 44

The second cup's for you, Jake…

I put it out every morning, just in case.


Oh, Jake, you're here! I was so afraid, you know… for you… for us…

Kim… I've finally found you…

I've been waiting for you here for weeks now, shut in like an animal, the only time I've dared go out was just into town for provisions. I knew you'd be the only one who understood my message, because it was here that we spent our first night right at the start…

What i couldn't have known, of course, was that you'd lost your memory. Yet still you managed to find me.

How… how did you find that out?

They told me, of course. And they also warned me not to trust you any more.

"They"? Who are "they"?

I'll be honest with you, Jake. If you haven't lost your memory then you know exactly who "they" are. But if you have forgotten then I can't tell you. Now you've become just as dangerous for us as for the others.

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