XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 45

"They"… "Us"… "The others"… I've had enough of playing this cat and mouse game, Kim! Enough!


And first of all, why are you calling me Jake? You must know that it's not my real name.

Of course I know. But it's the only one that I know you by.

What's that? The only? Am I not… Steve Rowland? Your husband?..

The real steve rowland is dead, Jake.

Dead!?? But… the fingerprints?.. the pictures?.. my… the Rowland family?..

Oh, Jake… you really have forgotten everything?

Absolutely everything?

Yes, i've forgotten everything! Everything! Everything! Who am I then, for God's sake!? Who am I!?

Oh, no…

I can't play this stupid game any more, Kim - or whatever your name is. Who are you really? Who am I? Did I really assassinate the president? And why? Who is this organisation that's branded us on the shoulder like cattle?..

Stop, Jake, I'll explain everything.

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