XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 6

How many men did you say it took to detain him?

An entire section, General. Incuding the three MP's, he's put seven of my men in the infirmary.

Not bad. You haven't told him anything, I hope?

Of course not. Do you really think it's him?

That's exactly why I'm here, Major. In any case you've done everything exactly as you should have done. Including letting me know immediately.

That's just routine, General. Even so, be careful with this one…

Take it easy, son, I'm here to help. General Ben Carrington of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A General now… what an honour! I hope you're going to finally explain to me why I'm here…

Bloody hell! I don't quite believe it… It's extroadinary!


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