XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 7

If you're talking about how I was treated by your soldiers, then I'd have to agree with you, General.

One thing at a time Mr. Smith. That was the name you gave to Major Calhoun, wasn't it? Alan Smith?

A highly orginal alias, Mr. Smith. What do yo make of it, Lieutenant Jones?

I could'nt have come up with a better one myself, General.

Lieutenant Jones here is my personal orderly, my boy. Not only that, she's more than capable of taking anyone who conciders themselves a hard nut. Even you.

If you're going to carry on with that tone, General, you're soon going to find out how true that is…

I've had over ten hours of your men 'interrogating' me and i've just about had enough of these games. I'm a civillian, and you've got no right arresting and questioning me without charge!

You're right, Mr. Smith!

You're a civillian, but you fight like a professional close combat expert. Curious, isn't it?

You're calling yourself Alan Smith, but you've got nothing to prove it. And in addition to that you know it's a false name since YOU'VE COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MEMORY!

That, at least is one thing you're not lying about. The base surgeon who examined you has confirmed that: complete loss of memory of all events that took place over three months ago. You don't even know who you are, Mr. Smith!

You've lost all your personal memories, but you've still got your reflexes and, what psychiatists call your collective memories.

Obviously, you refused to tell Major Calhoun what you've done in the three months you /do/ remember, but it's not hard to guess that you've been trying to find out who you are. And that's what's brought your here.

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