XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 8

This photo is the only document you were carrying. It's a photo showing you accompanied by a young woman who is none other than the widow of Steve Rowland. You can have it back.

What I don't understand is how you managed to identify her without identifying your self…

That's nothing to do with you, General.

I think you'll find it is, son. And would you like to know why? It's time for a page from history…

When we found ourselves bogged down in that filthy war I was still only a Colonel. The Central Comand asked me to set up units trained in geurilla warfare tactics, capabale of operating behind enemy lines. These units were known as SPADS. I don't supose that name means anything to you, does it?


Special Penetration, Assault & Denial Sections. Amazing men, Mr. Smith. Superbly trained and possesing inhuman courage, each man was individually capable of doing as much damage to the enemy as a pershing missile.

Steve Rowland was the best of the best. When I heard that the helicopter transporting him and his men had exploded in mid air, I nearly cried for the first time in my life…

Very touching, General. But it's his window i'm interested in.

It would probably interest you to learn that I later learnt tht Rowland didn't die in when his helicopter exploded.

That must have been nice for him. So where is this resurected hero of yours then?

Not far from here, Mr. Smith. Very close, you might say…

In fact he's sitting in front of me!

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